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Home Nursing App

The increasing demand on hospitals providing home care to collect, track and analyze patient information, and manage schedules of the mobile workforce, while operating on leaner budgets, is on the rise.

Effinland IP Home Nursing solution empowers home care nurses with the most crucial set of information on the go. The application that is accessible on any handheld device includes specially designed platforms to capture patient health history, create & manage treatment plans, drug information, dosage & duration and to track patient status.

Empower the Home Nurse

• Provide nurses with crucial information when they need it the most – at their patient’s home.

• Accessible on any handheld device with formats to capture patient history, treatment plans, drug information, dosage and duration; dramatically reducing documentation errors and information loss while providing a complete picture of the patient’s health status.

• Information can be entered offline and will sync online when connectivity is available.

Physiotherapy App

Managing schedules and keeping track of all information and treatment plan for each patient is very difficult for physiotherapists who visit over 30-40 patients each week.

Effinland IP’s Physiotherapy App allows physiotherapists to focus on providing the best care to patients through efficient patient information management at the point of care. It provides all the patient information therapists need on a single platform while helping them manage their appointments efficiently.

The Effinland IP Physiotherapy App is the comprehensive solution you need to improve and grow your physiotherapy practice.

Connect therapists with real time patient information

• Provide complete patient information on a single platform and help manage schedules efficiently.

• View charts, treatment plans, record diagnosis and streamline patient information during consultation on mobile device.

• Capture patient status and track progress of patient in real time.

• Practice owners can track physiotherapists’ schedules and assign or re-allocate patients based on availability and expertise

Healthcare Business Intelligence

Healthcare Analytics Solution

Get Enhanced Visibility into Financial, Operational and Clinical Performance

We understand that estimating financial reserves on accounts receivable is a major challenge for hospitals without strong reporting capabilities in place. Therefore, it is imperative that the CFO and hospital management monitor and analyze the financial metrics that contribute to net revenue. Given the scenario, one needs to use all the tools available to operate more efficiently and effectively to reduce costs through smart business solutions.

It is time to look at new ways to implement business-driven technology solutions that integrate business processes, increase worker productivity, improve patient outcome and create a more agile enterprise to respond better to new business opportunities.

With Effinland IP’s Business Intelligence Solution for Hospitals harmonizing your operations data from billing, cash, remittance, procurement to clinical performance, you can now monitor and forecast financial and operational performance more effectively. Mobile dashboards allow your executives to stay in touch with recent developments in the revenue cycle at all times.

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Benefits of HIS

Health Information System is a technology-driven system that makes the process of sharing protected health information (PHI) between organizations and providers really hassle-free. Also, because of this system, patients are able to get seamless and coordinated treatment from healthcare providers. Especially, the patients whose diagnoses need cross-specialty treatment coordination and substantial medical information management get the maximum benefits from HIS. And above all, it improves the delivery of the care and outcomes of the patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

This is another promising feature of Health Information Systems, enabling the access of patients’ details easy, helping care providers deliver good health care to the patients and minimizing severe condition expenses. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is really useful for patients who are suffering from chronic health issues. Doctors use the information collected through RPM for monitoring patients’ health status.

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