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About our Medical Record

• Our Record is a secure digital place to store health information, including Test reports, Radiology report, X-ray, scan, film/Images CD, ECG/ECHO, Operative report, Laboratory report, Discharge summary, Consultation report, Emergency record, Pathology report, Billing record, prescriptions and emergency contacts.

• It’s available to anyone in India who has Medicare or an individual healthcare identifier (ABHA / Aadhaar Number). You need a Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission account to access your record once it is operational.

• Your Record can only be seen by you, your healthcare providers and anyone else you choose to share it with.

• You can get proof of vaccinations from My EHR Division; In future any more vaccination is taken by you that also you can get it.

• My record helps you navigate your health through all phases of life, from birth through to the teenage years and into older age.

My Health Record is a secure digital record of your healthcare information.
This information might include details of your medical conditions and treatments, medicines you take, your allergies, and test or scan results. Your healthcare providers, such as doctors, specialists and hospital staff, can check your Medtronic Record when they need to.
Both you and your healthcare providers can add information to your record. You can also choose to have Medicare information added to your record, which includes immunizations information from the Indian Immunization Register.
You can download your immunization history statement if you need proof of vaccinations.
Your record can only be seen by you, your healthcare providers and any people you choose to share it with.
Accessible from anywhere, Medtronic Record can help you in emergencies or when you’re travelling. If you can’t leave the house and are having a tele-health consultation, your healthcare provider can check your Medtronic Record.

Medtronic Record can store you’re:
• Shared health summary
• Current medicines and prescriptions
• Referral letters
• Allergies (including past adverse reactions)
• Immunization history (including routine childhood immunizations)
• Test and scan reports — from, for example, ultrasound scans or x-rays
• Pathology reports — such as blood test results
• Hospital discharge information
• Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme claims history
• Indigenous status
• Veterans’ or Indian Defense Force status
• Organ donation status
• Advance care planning document (which explains what to do if you become too unwell to communicate, sometimes called a ‘living will’) or contact details of your advance care custodian
• Emergency contact details
• Child’s development and health information
• Personal health notes
Your Record doesn't replace any of your existing health records, or the need to have regular conversations with your healthcare providers.
Your healthcare providers will still keep their own medical records.
When you first access your record, there may be little or no information in it. Ask your prescription to add a summary of your medical history to your My Health Record next time you see them.

The information in your medical Record gives healthcare providers a more complete picture of your health. So, they can give you the best care — whichever stage of life you’re in.
During pregnancy and childhood
During pregnancy, you may see many healthcare providers and have various tests and scans, which can be difficult to keep track of. Access to all that information will give your baby the best start in life.
When you register your newborn , you can get a Health Record for them, as well. Babies develop quickly, and healthcare providers can update your child’s record with immunizations, any possible allergies and more. You can also add details of your child’s milestone developments.
Once a child turns 14, they can control their own Record. They can give access to their parents or another trusted person if they wish to help them manage it.
Later in life
Our Record is available wherever you go, so you don’t need to remember previous appointment or test dates, medicine names or dosages, or carry health documents such as prescriptions.
If your health situation changes, healthcare providers can add this information to your Medical Record
You can add your advance care planning document to your Record or the contact details of your advance care document custodian. If you are unable to make decisions for yourself, an authorized representative can be appointed to manage your My Health Record on your behalf.
In an emergency
In a medical emergency, healthcare providers can give you better care quickly if they can see your or your child’s, My Health Record.
You can add emergency contact details to your record so, if you can’t communicate, healthcare providers know who to contact in an emergency situation.

The Indian Government act protects the information in your Medical Record using a range of security controls through Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission once it s operational.
There are also strict regulations about who can see or use your or your child’s, Medical Record. This protects your health information from misuse.
All documents in Medical Record are set to ‘general accesses for healthcare providers by default. This means that any providers involved in your care can see this information. You can change your access controls at any time.
You can see details of who has accessed your Record at any time. If you want to restrict access, you can set a record access code or limited document access code. You can also set SMS or email notifications so you know when certain information is added to your record, or when your record has been accessed by a healthcare organization for the first time.
You can take further steps to secure your information by:
• Using a strong passphrase and setting up security questions or an access code
• Checking your Medical Record often using a secure connection
• Reviewing your Medical Record access log to see who has accessed your information
• Turning on automatic updates on your device so your system is as secure as possible
• Manually entering login details instead of clicking on links or attachments contained in emails to avoid scams

You can get proof of your vaccinations from your Record. Your immunization information will automatically be added to your record — unless you change this in your settings.
Any test results can also be added to your Medcal Record, depending on the healthcare organization that conducted the test.

Every eligible Indian has a Medical Record unless they have chosen not to have one (‘opting out’).
To access your Medical Record, you first need to link it to your ABHA Number account.

If you are new to India, a Medical Record will be created for you when you register for. You can indicate on the enrolment form if you do not want one.
If you opted out of having a Medical Record, or deleted your previous record, you can register for a new Medical Record at any time. You can do this:
• Online by linking the Medical Record service to ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Number / Aadhaar Number) -. If you don't have a ABHA account, you will need to create one first.
• By phone — call +91 9486977575 or
•, - choose Option 1
• By asking your healthcare provider to help you

People who are not eligible for Medical can register for a Medical Record once they have an individual healthcare identifier (ABHA Number) / AAdhar Number.
Find out more about getting a Medical Record without a Medical record or ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission) card.

You need to have a ABHA account / Our Company DMR account with Aadhaar number to access your Medical Record.
Log in to our website online and link your Medical Record by selecting it from the ‘Link My Services’ list. (Use this link to create a ABHA account/ Aadhaar Number if you don’t already have one.)
Once you've linked your Medical Record, you can upload, view and add or manage your health information securely online from any device. You can also view your information using a mobile app.
Go here for information about other apps authorised to connect with our Medical Record.
If you don't have internet access, you can call the our Medical Record Division helpline on +91 9486977575 or email to access your
information. Helpline staff can tell you which documents are in your Medical Record but not what each document contains.

For more information, or to cancel your Medical Record, go to the My Medical Record page on https:// call +91 9486977575 or email
If you decide to cancel your Medical Record, all information — including any backups — will be permanently deleted.
You can also read more about Medical Record privacy controls and how to make complaints on the our company website.
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