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A powerful cloud-based Revenue Cycle Management solution from ABI Health

Claim Book enables faster settlement of insurance claims, improved accountability and fewer rejections. It is well equipped with the features to address every part of the claims and evidence submission. Claim Book supports international patient treatment with dedicated workflows, therefore enabling medical tourism.

Built-in Rules Engine

A built-in Rules Engine that disallows incomplete submissions, and knows what information and documents need to be submitted. This results in error-free submissions that are complete and guarantees that it is pre-authorized.

Smart Data Extraction

Claim Book's Smart Data Extraction can read documents uploaded to extract relevant data from the Hospital's Information System (if integrated with Claim Book) to prevent the need for manual entries.

Integrated Emailing

Claim Book also features Integrated Emailing by creating a virtual inbox in your dashboard. Withing the dashboard, emails can be composed; the design feature is similar to Microsoft Outlook.

Track Claims

Claim Book can track claims that are fully or partially paid and categorize them as such during the reconciliation step. You can view all the claims in a single screen.

Track Courier Details

To prevent physical documents from going missing, ClaimBook allows documents to be downloaded from the dashboard and provides for their courier details to be recorded and tracked.

Case Status Report

Gets a comprehensive report of case statuses, delayed cases, outstanding dues on daily basis using Claim Book. Third-Party Administration (TPA) performance and TAT reports can be downloaded every month.

User Notifications

For every action taken, a notification is sent to the relevant user. Claim Book keeps a tab on what all needs your attention using the Pending Items folder.

Single Click Forward to Claims

The Claim Book dashboard enables a single-click action to move approved cases without any data losses. All pre-authorization claims are handled within the dashboard itself.

Why should you choose Claim Book?

There are no Prerequisites: Claim Book is hosted on the cloud, so you don't incur additional server costs or hardware costs.

Integrate Claim Book for better speed: Your Hospital Information System can be linked to Claim Book to make claim processing faster and more efficient.

Time to go paperless: Claim Book allows for a paperless approach to submit, track and process approvals.

Manage multiple TPAs effortlessly: Our proprietary intelligent email parsing provides out of the box integration with all TPAs out there.

Automation and You

Attending to the patients’ needs while simultaneously handling appointments, managing innumerable phone calls, creating treatment plans, giving the clinical staff instructions at every stage and ensuring the practice runs smoothly can be challenging for you.

For decades, doctors have been depending on charts and basic computer systems to manage the overwhelming demands of office visits. Further, a sizeable portion of the day is spent in managing the workforce around you, providing detailed directions and ensuring they are followed through.

With intelligent information management systems and electronic health records, the hassle of record maintenance, manual error and data loss can be eliminated, creating a reliable system for managing patient information.

Automation can equip the workforce around you with the right tools and information when they need it and make them more efficient, thereby improving your daily operation dramatically.

Providing your nurses, pharmacists and other staff with a comprehensive clinical decision support system compensates for their inadequacies, making them more productive and self-reliant. Establishing protocols and clinical pathways coupled with workflow automation can save significant time, as you can receive alerts in cases of emergency, error and deviation.

A good software solution can help automate a significant portion of the managerial and administrative tasks allowing you to focus on things that matter the most to you. Automate your practice to improve patient care, enhance the quality of the clinical staff performance and in the end, make your life easier.

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Benefits of HIS

Health Information System is a technology-driven system that makes the process of sharing protected health information (PHI) between organizations and providers really hassle-free. Also, because of this system, patients are able to get seamless and coordinated treatment from healthcare providers. Especially, the patients whose diagnoses need cross-specialty treatment coordination and substantial medical information management get the maximum benefits from HIS. And above all, it improves the delivery of the care and outcomes of the patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

This is another promising feature of Health Information Systems, enabling the access of patients’ details easy, helping care providers deliver good health care to the patients and minimizing severe condition expenses. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is really useful for patients who are suffering from chronic health issues. Doctors use the information collected through RPM for monitoring patients’ health status.

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