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Empower your Healthcare Professionals with Information on the go

Patients need care long after they have left the hospital premises to heal at the comfort of their home. There are a variety of caregivers who provide long-term care for patient recovery and it is critical to give them all the information and tools they need to monitor patient health and provide effective treatment. Providing high quality long term care is a challenge without the availability of the right information at the right time ensuring treatment continuity.

Effinland IP’s suite of home health solutions empowers doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and phlebotomists with the right information when they need it the most – at their patient’s home. The information recorded on your mobile device syncs with the hospital or lab information system seamlessly in real time, helping eliminate human error, maximizing productivity and saving significant time.

Access complete patient history, monitor progress, record examination details, create treatment plans, manage schedules and empower your professionals with crucial patient information on the go with Effinland IP’s Home Health Solutions.

Best Part? It’s on Cloud, which means no need for expensive servers, hardware or additional resources. You can implement Attune HIS with just a PC and Internet connection

Home Collection App

Remove the unpredictability from sample management. Arm your team with the ability to plan better for sample collection and reagent management on the go with Effinland IP’s Home Collection App.

Plan reagents and resource in advance for better TAT

• Collect patient samples from home and directly update to Attune LIS in real time.

• See sample collection booking on the app, plan for number and type of containers to carry, process billing, generate receipt for patient and notify lab in advance.

• Register new patients instantly, bringing in more revenues. View pending and future visits and create efficient schedules for collection.

• Track patient address and location with integrated Maps, making it easier to reach on time and optimize collection.

Consultation App

There is whole lot of information that a doctor needs on the go when offering consultation service and this information is vital to making the right decisions at the right time.

The Effinland IP EMR is designed to be different and offers patient data when you need it and where you need it the most.

The Effinland IP EMR is a doctor’s most reliable partner

Get Patient Data on your Fingertips

• Dedicated to doctors and medical professionals involved in patient health decisions.

• Complete patient information on a single, secure and stable platform that can be accessed with a single click

• Easy image, audio and video recording with instant case sheet integration

• Intuitive platform for case discussion and referral

• Inbuilt clinical intelligence and intuitive search engine

• Desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet and smartphone (Android and iOS) compatible

The Effinland IP Mobile EMR gives doctors the ability to

• Track appointments from different hospitals on a single calendar

• Manage patient records from different hospitals on a single secure platform

• Create custom groups of patients from different hospitals and communicate with them via email and text messaging

• Record patient history and examination details including personal, family & social history, vitals, chief complaints & duration with auto complete and clickable events

• Order investigations and procedures for patients during consultation with simple clicks

• Create favorite drug list and prescribe drugs from the list easily

• Manage all finances and MIS reports from different hospitals with secure login credentials

• Track the status of patient in real time throughout the course of the treatment

• View investigation results of patients which will be categorized automatically depending on criticality

• Communicate with all decision makers on a single secure messaging platform

Product Features

• Can be configured for multiple specialties

• Works for the entire spectrum from single doctor practice or multi-specialty hospitals

• Seamless real time integration with Attune HIS and LIS and third party HIS or LIS

• PACS data can be transferred to EMR and stored in patient case sheet

• Modular to plug-and-play specific components

• Works with e-prescriptions and integrates pharmacy

• Works with e-referral and connects doctors over a referral network

• Can be extended to patients to view and update health reports

• Offers Decision Support System (DSS)

• Mobile and tablet friendly platform

Effinland IP Mobility Solutions from Attune Technologies

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Benefits of HIS

Health Information System is a technology-driven system that makes the process of sharing protected health information (PHI) between organizations and providers really hassle-free. Also, because of this system, patients are able to get seamless and coordinated treatment from healthcare providers. Especially, the patients whose diagnoses need cross-specialty treatment coordination and substantial medical information management get the maximum benefits from HIS. And above all, it improves the delivery of the care and outcomes of the patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

This is another promising feature of Health Information Systems, enabling the access of patients’ details easy, helping care providers deliver good health care to the patients and minimizing severe condition expenses. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is really useful for patients who are suffering from chronic health issues. Doctors use the information collected through RPM for monitoring patients’ health status.

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