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Effinland IP group serves customers in over the nation, maintains operations in India, and employs very few people. Our customers work in industries which impact the lives of millions of people every single day.
Our mission is to empower our professional customers with the information, software solutions, and services they need to make critical decisions, achieve successful outcomes, and save time. Our expert solutions combine deep domain knowledge with technology to deliver both content and workflow automation to drive improved outcomes and productivity for our customers. We are committed to helping professionals improve the way they do business and solve complex problems with our range of digital solutions and services, which we continuously evolve to meet their changing needs.

Our Strategy

Our three-year strategy, Elevate Our Value, extends the successful roadmap we put in place a year ago and strengthens our focus on cloud-based expert solutions.
In 2022 we launched our new three-year strategy, Elevate Our Value, designed to accelerate expert solutions, expand our reach and evolve core capabilities. Working alongside our customers, we will continue to apply advanced technologies to address complex problems in society. The three strategic priorities are:
Strategic Pillars
This business strategy, which will fuel our success and drive our day-to-day operations from 2022, consists of three pillars, which reflect our strategic priorities and form the foundation for executing our strategy across our portfolio for the next three years:

o Drive investment in cloud-based expert solutions
o Transform digital information products into expert solutions
o Enrich customer experience leveraging data analytics

o Extend into high-growth adjacencies
o Reposition solutions for new segments
o Drive revenue through partnerships and ecosystem development
Enable healthcare access to the cross rooted peoples in every nook and corner of the India digitally

o Enhance central functions, including marketing and technology
o Advance environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and capabilities
o Engage diverse talent to drive innovation and growth
Our strategic approach offers opportunities and value - important criteria for our investors. In this aspect, we are - as always - strongly committed to delivering returns to our shareholders. The customers we serve continue to be centrally important inspiration for our strategy. Their future is also the story of the future of society at large. We can derive real pride in our work simply by recognizing how we contribute to making a difference every day.
We made progress on enriching several of our information products and are now starting to launch the early results of that effort. We also made progress on our third goal, which was to drive operational agility, by completing several major internal projects, such as the introduction of a modernized HR system, the consolidation of websites into a single site.
We provide clinical decision support software that clinicians trust and IT teams love.
Information is at the heart of medicine. With one trusted source built for the healthcare information ecosystem, you can empower clinicians to deliver high-reliability care right from the EHR.
Solving for and reducing patient variability of care.
Harmonized decision-making can help rein in costs and produce more effective care. Effinland IP EHR Division delivers expert information teams can use along the digital journey. Information is the best medicine.
Our Clinical decision support (CDS) systems are playing a critical role in helping frontline care teams and patients make the right care decisions.
Forecasted to expand at a compound annual growth our CDS systems are poised to become the user interface of choice for clinical interaction within healthcare information technology, according to Frost and Sullivan. Industry experts believe CDS systems could even supersede electronic health records as the primary health IT point of interface for clinicians.
But in a world where CDS systems are being more frequently consulted and relied upon to optimize healthcare, they must be held to a high standard when informing the clinical decision-making that impacts patient care and outcomes.
In its recent “Best Practices for World-Class Performance” review of CDS systems,
Grading Quality of Evidence: CDS systems that grade clinical recommendations by the quality of evidence instill confidence levels that guide decision-making, even when the evidence is weak or unclear.
Aligning Care Team Decisions: For each patient, clinical decisions consider a complex range of variables, such as the patient's background and preferences, the latest medical evidence, and what is discovered by the provider during the clinical encounter. As care teams have expanded, clinical decisions are being made across an even more significant number of roles, introducing the risk of misaligned decisions. Given that care teams use their CDS solutions consistently every day, aligned content and communication across solutions can help to standardize care and improve outcomes.
Avoiding Typical CDS Pitfalls: Traditional CDS systems come with disadvantages – like alert fatigue, diagnostic errors, and disrupted workflows – that make advanced systems that incorporate greater precision and fewer manual inputs a better choice for clinicians
Patients as partners are the goal. Here’s how to get there
For healthcare organizations looking to provide more patient-centered care, it helps to see what others have been able to achieve by advancing their efforts to support, engage, activate, coach, and ultimately partner with patients.
Our Patient Partnership Maturity Model helps organizations identify where they are on the path to partnering with patients, and their strategy and technology needs for enabling more consistent and authentic relationships with patients. From supporting to partnering with patients, each step in the model is essential and providers and patients reap many benefits.
1. Baseline educational support doesn’t have to be basic.
2. For specific services, engaging patients helps them fare and feel better
3. Beneficial condition management requires active patients.
4. Coaching helps patients keep their health and wellness on track
5. Switching to partnerships for agile planning and long-term benefits
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Opportunity to Reinvent and Rejuvenate

Every new technology or concept has multiple aspects of adoption and Ayurveda has to improve technology adoption in its practices to gain more patronage. Ayurveda practitioners should work on three aspects of development to make the practices mainstream –
• Build a supportive and sustainable ecosystem
• Bring more transparency and record keeping
• Understand and implement standards

Building an ecosystem means that the practitioners should look for more specific ways to adopt and leverage today’s technology. The use of EHR and clinical management systems in their resorts, retreats, clinics and hospitals is an ideal way to make the best out of tech and establish credibility among people and patients. Once the measures to generate, store, retrieve and share data are in place, the practitioners should focus on streamlining healthcare practices.
Patients gain trust on science when they are informed about the procedures and concept behind it. Ayurveda practitioners should aim to achieve the same through the use of EHR. A transparent treatment agenda will not just build trust but spread patronage as well. This treatment practice will further reflect on the outcomes of the practices in the fact that patients will be able to follow medications, therapies or remedies more judiciously.
With the onset of AyushEHR from HealtheLife, there cannot be a better time to kick start the evolutionary process for Ayurveda. Our cloud-based solution tackles any shortcoming your clinic or retreat is likely to face in terms of management and wellness deliverance. With the opportunity to reinvent and rejuvenate Ayurveda ripe, you can get in touch with us to leverage disruptive technology to grow fast.
The heritage – traditional – way of treating ailments and diseases have been prevalent and practiced for over thousands of years in India. We come from a land where ideas about plastic surgeries were discussed and documented long before people across frontiers actually started thinking about such possibilities. Ayurveda is as much of a science as modern medicine and has been continuously evolving over centuries.
However, in the recent past, Ayurveda has been gradually replaced with other alternate forms of healthcare from the west. Despite being a holistic approach to wellness and treatment, cost effective and more holistic, Ayurveda has indeed lost a bit of its ground among the masses.
The reasons for this are aplenty. One of the major reasons has been the inability of Ayurveda and its practitioners to keep up with evolving technologies. While allopathy adapted continuously to technological advancements in terms of equipments, medications and care protocols, Ayurveda remained rooted to it’s traditional ways of treatment and approaches. There has been hardly any restructuring of the infrastructure with respect to technology or use of contemporary technologies to regain lost ground.
Ayurveda practitioners still largely depend upon the century old books and documentation for their practice as attempts at re validating these in the modern context has been minimal. The exploration into creating newer medicines and protocols and evolving the traditional ones to a modern world has not been well organized and widely practiced. Such efforts remain largely hindered, for lack of technology adoption and standardization in Ayurveda.
Ayurinfomatics or the use of information and data in Ayurveda still remains to be a huge hurdle for practitioners as they either don’t believe such practices could be indeed put into action or they don’t have adequate skills and resources to implement their tech-based visions into their Ayurveda clinics.

Effinland IP’s EHR FOR GP’S

Effinland IP’s EHR Division is the complete solution for General Practice

With good features created for the needs of Indian GP’s, EHR Division turns your practice into an enjoyable patient experience.

We provide a full suite of features perfect for General practices
Work smarter, not harder.
Work smarter, not harder. Effinland IP’s EHR Division is a single-integrated, all-of-practice software solution that gives your practice the streamlined workflow it needs for a simplified, stress-free patient journey. Run your entire practice in one place, from management processes to clinical duties and administrative tasks.
Carefully designed by technical team and doctors just like you, we enables GPs to maximise their patient care, while decreasing administrative red tape. Consider our software solution the antidote to practice complexity.
When it comes to admin, you can sit in the driver’s seat for your appointment management, SMS communications, telehealth features, billing and even inventory, all without having to switch between solutions.
With us, your practice is optimised – everything runs like clockwork. Your practice’s time, focus, and balance are restored, making everyday tasks a breeze.
Here’s some of our most popular features for GP’s
Committed to helping your practice provide the best possible end-to-end patient experience.

Online Appointments

Patient attendance

Clinical encounters

Results management

Integrated eprescribing


Integrated billing

Digitally record an Ayurvedic Prakriti assessment

In recent years, factors including globalization and economic growth in India have driven an important modernization of Ayurvedic Medicine, characterized by increases in evidence-based research and initiatives to standardize remedies and procedures.We provide an important example of this trend with the standardization and validation of a questionnaire for the assessment of Prakriti. Prakriti represents an individual's unique personality, constitution or connection with the universe and is described on three dimensions or Dhosas; Kapha, Vata and Pitta. Ayurvedic clinicians assess a patient's Dhosa profile in order to customize diagnoses and customize treatments. Conventionally, a Dhosa profile is described using linguistic phrases such as Kapha-Vata, or Pitta-Vata Prakriti.

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Effinland IP’s EHR Division – an integrated, all-in-one practice software solution.

Amplify the standard of patient care with Effinland IP EHR Division’s feature-rich functionality. Run your entire practice from start to finish, all from one app.

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Effinland IP EHR Division offers great value pricing for your Practice
Our EHR Division subscription is not only great value, it’s the best investment you can make for your practice.

Our EHR Division subscription options perfect for your Practice
Included in your Our EHR Division Subscription
• Unlimited reception/administrative users
• Unlimited support from our locally based support centre
• All application updates
• No additional database licensing costs
• Ongoing account management
• Invitations to exclusive events
• Training webinars
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Please note:
The following optional setup fees are only included in a first time EHR Division subscription:
• Database setup
• Go-live implementation
• On-site and remote training
• MIMS subscription
Does not include third party add-on fees (e.g. SMS charges)

EHR Division’s feature rich software offers incredible value
Whether you choose Cloud or On-Premise installation, EHR Division’s all-in-one feature rich software offers incredible value for money with the same amazing features, same incredible service for your practice.

EHR Division Pricing Per month starting from
EHR Division
Per provider from Overseas Clients Indian Counter part
GP’s $30 – Rs2000/
Specialists $30 – Rs2000/
Allied Health $30 – Rs2000/

Per month starting from
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Stock Management Rs 3000/- p/month (per practice)
SMS from Rs1.00 per SMS (tiered volume discounts apply)
All prices quoted per month are billed quarterly and exclude GST (unless otherwise stated)