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Key Benefits

• Seamless integration with EHR Division Work: Automatically declare EHR Division Work content as records; benefit from a single user interface; dispose electronic content in line with physical records

• Management and control over all records from a single policy:

Eliminate the need to define policies separately in your document and records management systems

• Increase productivity and insights:

Persona-based dashboards provide customized views of key metrics for specific roles As communications and email volumes grow, and the forms of information professionals work with multiply (text messages, voicemail, social media), organizations face significant challenges for effectively managing records across the enterprise. How professional services firms manage and secure physical and electronic assets is critical for compliance and business success.

EHR Division Records Manager is the industry-leading records management application used by professionals to manage both electronic and physical records on any device and from any location. A modern web-based interface delivers governance and legal hold capabilities for a variety of physical and electronic assets including physical files, electronic documents, and emails, ensuring information is retained based on organization retention polices and then disposed when it reaches end of life.

Seamless integration with HER Division Work delivers a fully integrated and consistent user experience and a full-featured API enables integration with other systems to further extend EHR Division Records Manager capabilities. The central policy engine governs physical records — in offices, file rooms, and offsite warehouse locations and electronic records in EHR Division Work or other systems such as Windows file shares. Improve organization efficiency, ensure compliance, and manage risk, by harnessing the power of EHR Division Records Manager.

About EHR Division

EHR Division transforms how professionals get work done by combining artificial intelligence, security, and risk mitigation with market- leading document and email management. EHR Division automates routine cognitive tasks, provides powerful insights and streamlines how professionals work, while maintaining the highest level of security and governance over critical client and corporate data – rely on EHR Division to deliver great client work – securely.


Key facts

• Our Record is a secure digital place to store health information, including Test reports, Radiology report, X-ray, scan, film/Images CD, ECG/ECHO, Operative report, Laboratory report, Discharge summary, Consultation report, Emergency record, Pathology report, Billing record, prescriptions and emergency contacts.

• It’s available to anyone in India who has Medicare or an individual healthcare identifier (ABHA / Aadhaar Number). You need a Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission account to access your record once it is operational.

• Your Record can only be seen by you, your healthcare providers and anyone else you choose to share it with.

• You can get proof of vaccinations from My EHR Division; In future any more vaccination is taken by you that also you can get it.

• My record helps you navigate your health through all phases of life, from birth through to the teenage years and into older age.

Medical Big Data Mining and Processing in e-Healthcare

EHR Security and Storage

EHR maintenance involves the following entities, as depicted in Fig. It requires physicians, clinical data obtained from the patients, medical insurers, various health reports, and tests performed. The protection of patients and the security of their data is the most basic challenge when considering the selection of EHRs for the healthcare industry. Thinking about current trend, EHR maintenance tries to dissect and examine noticeable security procedures for healthcare associations trying to implement a safe EHR framework.

Moreover, analysts are pursuing the case for further research on security in the healthcare industry. These sources were utilized to search the literature on the security of EHR using a few exclusion and inclusion criteria. Three main themes emerged: managerial, physical, and technical security measures. The sensitive nature of the data contained inside EHR has produced concerns that call for cutting-edge security systems to meet the challenges.

Our AYUSH Grid

The project is to create a unified platform that could network all clinics, hospitals, resorts, retreats and laboratories. It would enable networking between all stakeholders in Ayurveda and help in collecting clinical information to validate treatments and publish case studies. We expect this to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the treatments and build confidence in the use of Ayurveda.

According to the National Health Policy 2017,, we are plans leverage modern IT infrastructure such as EHR to improve the delivery of healthcare and achieve Universal Health Coverage. The above plan comes under the larger Digital India initiative introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is again a part of the Digital India initiative, is to create a national network aimed at enhancing the reach of tested and validated natural healing (Ayurveda) to larger populations.

What you can expect this network to do for Ayurveda in our services

“This will be beneficial for all stakeholders of AYUSH including citizens of the country and in turn will help to achieve various national and international goals in the healthcare sector”. We feel that all those involved in AYUSH practice will surely appreciate this vision of a new India.

Our AYUSH Grid is a digital network to help you improve access to latest developments and bring back the faith of people in AYUSH treatments. This project will also improve transparency and consistency in the entire process of Ayurvedic healthcare. The grid will also integrate with the national health information network to create a holistic wellness centric healthcare system for the country.